About Us

Amnet provides the bridge from written to published, image to imagination, and intent to accessibility.

Write, design, create, and dream - we have your back. Whether your audience is a specialized science or technology industry group, readers of mass market fiction, or shoppers looking for health and beauty products, we can take your words and images and make them marketable to each possible audience, most importantly those among us who face the challenge of disabilities.

We partner with publishers, advertisers, designers, non-profits, educators, and agencies on multichannel media production services: editorial, EPUB, typesetting, image manipulation, packaging, premedia and accessibility. 

500 clients worldwide have partnered with us to add value to their digital assets. We are grateful for their trust, and we provide them with experienced service teams that offer unparalleled quality, quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing.

Founded in 2001 with a crew of just six, Amnet is now a team of over 1,500 creative and experienced specialists located around the globe. Our talented employees are equipped to support changing technology and workflow requirements in the production, transformation and distribution of your print and digital assets. Our global footprint and subject matter expertise makes us the ideal creative partner for your publishing or advertising endeavor.

Amnet is dedicated to expanding content delivery for every constituency, specifically people with disabilities as required by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

In addition, Amnet founder and CEO Aashish Agarwaal leads a corporate culture of community service. As one of the four companies of the enerji group, Amnet supports The Energy Projekt, which since 2011 has supported local initiatives to address the needs of India's changing social landscape. "Passion Funding" is our program designed to fund sports-passionate kids who lack the resources to pursue their dreams. The Energy Projekt also organizes motivational sessions, workshops on hygiene, healthy eating, safe water practices, and tree planting drives. We are also helping to upgrade the facilities in local schools by actively funding installation of water purifier plants and building of proper bathrooms for girl students in Tamilnadu. For more information please click the image below:



The whole Amnet team looks forward to working with you.