Which Brand Won The Super Bowl?


The nation was captivated last weekend as New England Patriots took on the Atlanta Falcons at the Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas. The Patriots may have made the greatest comeback in history, but it wasn’t just the gameplay that grabbed people’s attention – the advertisements were at the top of their games this year too. It was tough to choose, but here is our winning line up…

  1. T Mobile One – #UnlimitedMoves


Getting everyone involved, T Mobile decided to advertise their unlimited plans with dancing. Justin Bieber took us through the historical evolution of end zone victory dances, starting with Rob Gronkowski as a caveman doing the famous Gronk spike and ending with Former San Francisco 49ers player Terrell Owens showing off his cheerleader moves. Bieber joined in as well, and encouraged watchers to send in their own celebratory dances using the hashtag #UnlimitedMoves. This one really got us pumped for the big game.

  1. Tostitos – Don’t Drink and Drive  


Taking a more serious tone, Tostitos advert addressed the issue of drink driving. The advert saw Tennessee Titans tight end, Delanie Walker, recall his heartbreaking story of losing his aunt and uncle due to a drunk driver just hours after he played in the 2013 Super Bowl.

Tostitos created a limited edition ‘party safe’ bag of chips that when the packaging was blown on, it could detect alcohol on your breath. If detected, the bag provided $10 Uber credit during the game to help you get home safely. A very smart (and responsible) marketing move.

  1. Wix – To Succeed in a Disruptive World


The most epic advertisement of Super Bowl 51 has to be from Wix, having really pulled out all of the stops. Created in two-parts, we saw wonder woman actress Gal Gadot and action star Jason Statham doing what they do best – fighting the bad guys and causing destruction to Felix’s Bistro restaurant in the process.

How did this link back to Wix? Well, thanks to them, restaurant owner Felix was able to quickly update his website to reflect the new changes to his business. The ad went down so well that many viewers took to Twitter to ask for the advert to be turned into a full length action movie.

  1. Kia – Hero’s Journey


Kia chose to to make Melissa McCarthy to be the hero of their advertisements for the new Niro Hybrid car. We saw McCarthy attempt to save the planet in a series of hilarious and over the top scenarios, before realising that there is a much safer and eco-friendly way she could help out. This was Kia’s eighth Super Bowl ad in a row, and we think it was their best one yet.

  1. Shields Health Care – Tom Brady #Rogerthat


Saving the best until last, Shields Health Care recreated their Tom Brady advert to include his fifth Super Bowl ring. The original advert saw Brady being asked to take off all jewellery for his MRI scan, and so he takes off his four rings.

In the new ad, shown just after the Patriots won, he says “Actually, no, I forgot this one. It’s kind of new,” with a big smile on his face. The Shields employee jokes that Brady is going to need a bigger locker for all his rings, to which he replies “Roger that” – a small dig aimed towards the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who imposed the suspension ban Brady served at the beginning of the season.

What was your favourite Super Bowl 51 advert? Let us know via @Amnetsys on Twitter!