Are you content with your content?

Your content determines your value. This is true for text, media, people and birthday presents alike.

Since the age of cave paintings, written and visual communications have presented people with information using the most advanced techniques of the era. Today, you no longer have to sketch on a rock wall, but you do have to engage your target audiences with compelling, attractive and clearly managed content.


Amnet is a full-service publishing partner, managing the entire production process from receipt of manuscript to print and digital publication. Our project managers work closely with all stakeholders to ensure continuity throughout the life of a project. Our composition and data conversion teams employ domain expertise and technology to ensure high-quality print and digital products.

We offer two models for full-service project management:

  • US project management and editorial services + India-based composition and data conversion
  • India-based end-to-end project management

Customers who do not require full-service support can pick and choose from our list of services.




Our dedicated team, equipped with the latest technology and processes, ensures a smooth workflow, excellent quality, and quick turnaround times. Our XML workflow can be customized according to client preference. Software applications include QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, and LaTeX. Services include:

  • XML creation, including granular tagging
  • Art and graphics (art quality assessment, redrawing line art, photo resizing and enhancement, artwork creation)
  • Typesetting and proof revision
  • Preflight quality check



Amnet is equipped to provide robust XML data at any point during the production process from first proof to final deliverable. In addition, Amnet has the capability to convert any existing content, including hard copy, into XML.

We also offer XML creation in the following languages and alphabets: Arabic, Cyrillic, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Spanish and Syriac.

Our web development team will work with your XML data to create HTML5 digital content in a myriad of formats.




Amnet produces your eBooks, adapted from any native file. Our services cover enhanced eBooks, embedded multimedia and scripted interactivity. 

We are one of the few global iBooks conversion and delivery houses approved by Apple. The company has delivered more than 10 million pages of text which are in sync with iBooks requirements for flowing, fixed layout, read aloud, and interactive formats.

Amnet is also an Amazon-certified EPUB conversion and delivery house.