Case Study: Multiple Copyediting Styles

Amnet had to manage several editorial styles including the less common American Anthropological Association and Canadian English combined with Chicago, APA, and British English.

About The Client

The client, a well known Midwestern publisher, provides educational and publishing services for higher education and pre-K–12 markets. It has more than 6,000 titles in print ranging from workbooks to smaller custom print titles.

Identification of the Bottleneck

Our team at Amnet had to manage various copyediting style requests within tight deadlines for educational content. Style requirements for the assignments included Chicago Manual of Style, APA, and British English, as well as less common styles such as American Anthropological Association and Canadian English.

 The Solution

At Amnet, our project managers are editors. We insert no customer service middleman between customers and this expert point of consultation. Project managers serve as liaisons for clients, authors, freelance editors, and Amnet’s composition, e-book conversion, and accounting teams. The editorial project manager’s ownership of each project allows Amnet to successfully and effectively deliver on total-service requirements. Customers have expressed great appreciation for having a direct line to a project manager with the editorial expertise to serve their project needs. Some of the advantages of this approach are:

  • Expertise: The editorial project manager is an American English speaker with a full understanding of cultural and linguistic idioms that are specific to the English language as used in the marketplace.
  • Flexibility: Some customers prefer to deal directly with the teams in India for post-editorial phases of a project, whereas others require a US point of contact throughout. Amnet adapts its workflow to accommodate customer preferences.
  • Convenience: With the US team working from US time zones, responses are quick and concerns can be addressed on the same business day. Coupled with our multi-shift coverage from our Chennai operations, Amnet distinguishes itself with speedy, accurate responses to customer inquiries.
  • Consultation: Clients appreciate having US editorial project managers nearby to consult on new challenges, workflow, and software development, and to discuss new projects through easily arranged site visits, conference calls, and instant messaging options.

 Measurement of Results

As a dynamic provider of educational products, the publisher required a range of styles and language preferences and had high standards for vendor performance in regard to quality, timeliness, and cost. The client steadily increased the volume of work assignments placed with Amnet and expressed a high level of satisfaction with the quality of Amnet’s editorial, composition, and eBook deliverables.

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